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I'm Jonah. I'm a Senior at Community High School of Ann Arbor who has a passion for digital arts. I'm the Editor-in-Chief for my school's yearbook, The Midnight Sun. 

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Jonah D Klein
My Timeline
My Timeline

My Timeline
As an artist

Late 2012

District Library Art Show

Starting Young
While in first grade, my art teacher submitted a piece of my work - a fish made out of oil pastel, water color, and various objects - into an art show put on by my local library. It was displayed to the public, where I visited with my family and viewed other students' work.

Early 2006

My Birth

The Day I Was Brought Into This World

Starting from scratch: my mother gave birth to me in Ann Arbor, MI. I have grown up here, surrounded by the environment of a devoted, energetic college town and temperamental weather conditions.

Late 2017

The Start of Something New

Going Digital
6th grade. Up until this point, I knew nothing but physical art. I joined the Yearbook club at my middle school and got introduced to photography. Soon after, my grandmother gifted me my first camera; the moments I captured on this small Canon point and shoot are still some of my favorites to date.

Late 2019

Becoming a Leader

And Finding My Place

For my third year as a staff member on the Slauson Middle School Yearbook, I was appointed as a Head Editor. In order to further my skills of digital art and improve the book, I enrolled in a Graphic Design course. To this day, I believe this course was the deciding factor of how I ended up where I am today.

Late 2020

Moving On

High School Yearbook

I started Community High School. Virtually. The publication program at CHS is one of the best in the country. I knew I wanted to join it, so I enrolled in the Yearbook class.

Early 2022

Get Into It (Yuh)

Continuing My High School Career

This was my second year on the Yearbook team as a staff member. As I worked, my advisor Tracy Anderson noticed my skills developing. I was invited to a day long state conference where I could develop my skills even further. Then she asked me to apply to be an editor.

Fall of 2022

Being a Leader

And so I did; I applied to be the Design Editor. A few weeks later, I get the call saying I got the position. I was now a Design Editor of a nation-wide-award-winning publication program. And this is where I am now, spending hours every day developing my skills as a photographer, graphic design artist, and leader.

Stepping Up

AND more to come .

My Story

“Create a poster to spread environmental awareness.”


The first assignment given to me. My first time using Adobe Software.


It was the summer of 2019; I was sitting in the computer lab – the only air conditioned building – at Tamarack overnight camp. It had been weeks since I had used any sort of electronic device, so as any member of Gen Z who has been screen deprived would, I spent every minute I could on that computer. After multiple hours of work in Adobe Photoshop, I left with my poster: a clipart Earth topped in a clipart bandage with the caption Heal The World. I was so proud.


Later that year I began eighth grade where I took my first Graphic Design class. This began my ongoing study of digital art which continues to this day. This same year, I was appointed Editor of the Slauson Middle School yearbook, which I had been a part of for two years prior. Then, COVID.


I spent the final 9 months of 2020 glued to my computer. Day by day, my eyes grew more and more strained from the blue light emitted by the screens surrounding my life. I was sucked into the digital world of YouTube, TikTok, and Among Us. After months of being anything but productive, I made the decision that if I’m going to be on screens all the time, I might as well be productive (and maybe make a little money.) 


I created this website as a way to expand my design capabilities further than logos and graphics. I was looking to push myself, just like I always have. After spending hours learning website software and coding, I decided to develop into my photography portfolio for my Digital Photography class. Oh yeah, I do photography too. See more here. After recieving an A+ on the assignment, I knew I needed to keep learning. And so I did.


I was hired by two determined elders who were very invested in the politics of Scio Township to create a website, spreading awareness of the problems within the local government. This was my longest term project to date; I worked with them for months on end, consitently updating their website with new information, creating fundraising pages, designing flyers, etc. 


Fast forward to this year; 2022. I’m a Junior at Community High. I am the Design Editor of our yearbook, The Midnight Sun. I work part time at a BBQ joint. I feel as if I’m making up for lost time; the time I spent laying in bed for days on end, going a week or two without touching grass, and sleeping. I’m out most days from before sunrise until after sunset- and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My Story

Connect With Me

I'm always looking to connect with new people. Whether you're hiring, an artist, fellow designer, or represent a school, please reach out!


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